This is 'Iolani School

This is 'Iolani School

Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer School Auxiliary Week One - Check Numerous Times Every Day July 27-31

July 27 thought 31 is our first auxiliary week of summer school. We are going M-F, 8:00-2:30. This week is also Girls Week (next week is Boys). We have 14 young ladies from all over...most are from Oahu but we have one girl from the Big Island (Hawaii) and one girl from Japan.


We got started by learning the engineering design process, which will help us create our projects this week. Following these steps (Ask some question-Imagine possible answers-Plan one-Create & Test your answer-Improve your answer) the ladies are going to be able to work together and make some great things this week.

Our first challenge was to make 4 paper chains. The students had different constraints on them for each part of the challenge. The constraints were, 1) no restrictions, 2) only right hand use, 3) only left hand use, and 4) no talking. When we compared the chains, everyone last chain was the longest. We discussed why and everyone agreed, they were more planned out, they were more focused, and they were more familiar with their partners.

Next we learned about electric circuits and created simple ones with LEDs, copper tape and a coin cell batter. 

We then moved on to Scratch programing and MaKey MaKeys. The girls made a simple programs and debugged them using each other to test their creations. After that, we had them add the MaKey MaKeys to control the program.


We got right to work this morning. The students were introduced to the Silhouette vinyl cutter. To familiarize themselves with this machine, they all cut out their name and learned how to us the transfer film.

The next machine we worked with was the Epilog Mini Laser Cutter. The girls learned how to scan a drawing they made and have it "printed" on wood. Then, using the web-based program "Boxmaker", they created a box and put text & graphics on it using Inkscape.


Today we introduced the 3D printers and 123D Design. The girls got right to work making name tags to become familiar with using the software. Then they were off trying to create their own items.


Now that the ladies have been exposed to our variety of making equipment and supplies, they have the next two days to create whatever they want.

Working in the Lab

Laser Cutting

Vinyl Cutting

Programing Scratch 

3D Printing

Copper Tape Circuits

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