This is 'Iolani School

This is 'Iolani School

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer School Auxiliary Week Two - Check daily for updates from Aug. 3-7

Last week we had 14 girls in the Lab. For the next 5 days, the Lab will be just for boys. Check back daily to see what these young men are making.

The morning started off with the basic housekeeping issues...introductions, procedures, rules, review of syllabus and preview of the week. We then got started with the "Paper Chain Challenge". The boys had to make paper chains with as many links as possible. They had 4 different attempts, each with a unique criteria. First, there were no restrictions, next they could only use their right hand, then they could only use their left hand. Last, they had no restrictions, except they couldn't talk during the building phase. The longest chains were made during this attempt...and the boys decided it was because they were more focused, could use their prior experience and were more planned out.

Next we created simple circuits with copper tape, LEDs and a coin cell battery. It was great to see the excitement on their faces, when the LED lit up. It was also good to see them problem solve when their light didn't work.

Scratch programing came next. The boys worked in pairs to plan and create in Scratch. Their program had to include moving the Sprite, change the background, adding sound, communicating with the viewer/player and interact with the Sprite using the space bar, click button, up, down, left, or right arrow.

Next it was time to introduce MaKeyMaKey's and connect them to the Scratch programs the guys made.

We ended the day with some time to play around with littleBits.

Today is vinyl cutter and laser cutter day. The boys got right to work after the intro "lecture".

Names and stickers were created.

Drawing and pictures were laser cut on wood. 

The guys started to design boxes.

Today, we finished making boxes on the laser cutter and then started 3D printing.

With the cutting over, it's time to go "Old School"...Elmer's Glue

To help the boys learn how to 3D print, they had to make "name tag."

For the rest of our week these young men will come up with their own project ideas. Let's see what they decide to make...

This guy thought of a problem...his grandmother's door wouldn't stay open. He designed a doorstop and made it with the 3D printer.

Here are some of the things the guys have been making so far today. Free making days are the best.

Here are some cool 3D prints made today.

Last day of summer school classes in the Lab.

Some boys got right to work printing some 3D creations.

Others went right to Scratch and MaKeyMaKey.

Right before lunch we took a break and dividing into 2 groups, the guys were given "The Marshmallow Challenge".

After  lunch, we are going to use vibrating motors, coin cell batteries, and some tape to make a "Creepy Crawler".

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