This is 'Iolani School

This is 'Iolani School

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer School - Session One (week 5)

Week five started off with a building challenge. We asked the students to create a lamp and attach a LED. We created the template for the lamp on BoxMaker and then the students created their own designs. Some students added wax paper to the inside of their lamps for a really cool effect. The "wiring" was all done with copper tape and a homemade battery holder.

In the middle of the week I introduced the students to "The Marshmallow Challenge". If you not familiar with this exercise, check it out at  After giving instructions for the challenge, the students were divided into groups of three and we began. Unfortunately, none of the groups could create a freestanding structure to hold up the marshmallow. The debrief after this exercise was really good and if we did this again, I am sure the outcome would be different.

Students also worked on their own projects. This is a gift for our drama/music teacher

A couple of students needed something to hold their earrings so they created "trees" to hold them. They imagined different ideas, planned one out, and created a prototype. Following the engineering design process, they made improvements, created another prototype, made improvements and made another prototype. Finally, they had their creation exactly as they wanted.

Cardboard prototype...1st wood prototype...and final product.

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