This is 'Iolani School

This is 'Iolani School

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Special Guests in the Lab This Week.

This week, Ed and Barbara Sobey come to 'Iolani and worked with a number of grade levels. They did a variety of S.T.E.M. activities. They had the students design and create circuits, hovercrafts, catapults, towers, and "jitter critters". 

We welcomed Ed and Barbara into the Lab to work with 2nd grade, Kindergarten and 4th grade. Below are some pictures of the activities they did.

Fourth Grade Jitter Critters

TimeLapes Videos

Made with paper cups, tape, magic markers, a motor, fan, battery, switch, wires and paper clips, the students had to design their "critter". Once turned on, their creation would "jitter" around the paper leaving a trail and making interesting designs.

Kindergarten Towers

Using high tech building material (plastic straws and masking tape) the students were challenged to create a tall tower. They were also asked to name it and decided what goes on in their building. In groups of 2, the children got a pile of straws and were shown how to connect straws by crimping one end and inserting it into another straw. If the children needed tape, they could ask, "Tape please." and one of the adults would give them a piece. The students were encouraged to look at the designs of the other groups so that ideas could be shared.

Second Grade Circuits
The 2nd grade was given batteries, wires, & an LED, and were asked to make the LED light up. Next they were given a motor and were asked to make the motor run. They they were challenged to put a switch into the circuit. After that, they were given another motor and asked to attach it to the first motor and make the first motor turn the second one. Finally, they were to check the final creation by attaching the LED to the second motor (now a generator) to see if it was making electricity.

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