This is 'Iolani School

This is 'Iolani School

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Third Grade "Get Organized" - Design Thinking/Project-Based Learning

Early in the year, some of our third grade classes design and create desk caddies to organized their classroom tables. To see more about this project, look back in our blog posts...

At the end of the year, they go a step further, by visiting various offices and classrooms on campus and coming up with solutions to storage problems they find. This activity is called "Get Organized" and was developed by some of our classroom teachers. Students learn design thinking methodologies and put them to use in this project-based learning activity.

After making initial visits and talking with their "clients", the students come up with a plan and develop drawings and prototypes of their storage solutions. They return to the client and get feedback on their idea. Back in the classroom, they improve their design and eventually get a final OK.

Next they take their blueprint and prototype to a digital platform in order to laser cut the pieces and make the final item out of wood.

After some finishing touches, they hold a presentation where each group discusses their process and gives the finished organizer to their client.

So much goes into this project from the writing about the process & the reflection, to the learning and use of digital fabrication software & laser cutter, to public speaking skills, cooperative learning groups, interpersonal communication skills, and a ton of math. These third grade teachers have come up with a great way to teach their curriculum. We are glad the Lab is a small part of it.

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