This is 'Iolani School

This is 'Iolani School

Friday, May 20, 2016

Second Grade Designs and Creates Their Pedestals

The second grade is again making statues to represent 'Iolani School and designing & creating the pedestals takes place in the Lab. First they learned about forces (see earlier posts). Then they made prototypes of their pedestal. To test for strength and stability, they used a container of metal nuts. If their design didn't work, it was on to the improve stage and try again.

Once the prototyping was done, it was time to build the real pedestal. Lots of measuring and cutting of cardboard was going on all around the Lab

One of the groups saw the level hanging on our tool board and asked what it was. After I gave a brief explanation of what it was used for, all the groups wanted to test their pedestals to see if they were level.

When the pedestals were in their final stage of creation, students tested them to see if they would be strong and stable enough for their statue. 

Once the pedestals are finished, the students will decorate them. Once they are all finished, the statues will be placed on them and put out for display.

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