This is 'Iolani School

This is 'Iolani School

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Designing Knee Braces-Step 2 & 3

After asking questions about making a knee brace and looking at the materials they will have to use, our 4th graders started the next 2 steps. By themselves, they first came up with 2 different knee brace designs...they drew diagrams and labeled the parts.

Next they got with their "design team" and each member shared their ideas. The goal was to come up with one idea for a knee brace. The group could decide to use one person's design or they could come up with one that combines the best parts of each persons. Either way, they had to come to "consensus." It was important that each member of the group could "live with" the decision.

Next step...Create it!

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